Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top 10 Things that Make People Angry!

On a recent survey offered by our office, listed below are the top 10 reasons people say they get "pissed off and angry":

10. People who drive like idiots, especially those that slow down to look at something going on on the other side of the freeway

9. People who use their text messaging while their having a conversation with you. How insulting is that?

8. People who talk during the movies. What gives? Like, can you be quite for 2 hours without talking?

7. Companies that make you scroll through a zillion options before you can speak to a live person. By the time you get to the live person, your ready to freak out.

6. People who smoke. Come on, can you pick a more disgusting bad habit.

5. People who pass gas on a crowded public elevator. They know they did it, yet they know they can get away with it without being caught. Come on people, find a bathroom or go outside in the fresh air.

4. Gossip. I think that just speaks for itself. Find something real to talk about.

3. Large SUV's with just a driver and no passengers. Do you really need that Escalade? No social conscious here...

2. People who are rude. There is just no good reason for being rude. Are you the one that cuts in line, pulls into a parking spot out of turn, or guilty of #5 above? Get some manners!

1. The number one reason on our survey that makes people mad? Themselves. They allow themselves to get mad and pissed off, when in fact getting mad is a choice!

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Cyrus cooney said...

Yeah I'd have to say I agree with that.

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